Easy Carrier™
Easy Carrier™
Easy Carrier™
Easy Carrier™
Easy Carrier™

Easy Carrier™

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Over 100,000 people are injured every year in D.I.Y accidents that result from incorrect lifting techniques of heavy materials.. Don't be a statistic

The Easy Carrier™ is designed to do exactly as it says - to help the everyday tradesman GRIP and CARRY building materials EASIER and SAFER.

It is a gripping hand tool designed for lifting, carrying and moving a variety of building materials that are large, unwieldy and heavy…panels of plywood, particle board, drywall/wallboard... to name but a few!


No more back-breaking work.. Let the EasyCarrier™ do ALL the heavy lifting!

With surprising ease the Easy Carrier ™ grips from the top, making it easy to position, providing excellent leverage, permitting a full field of vision while carrying, and encouraging proper lifting technique.

It has a soft-cushioned handle that serves as a lever, using the weight of the panel to create clamping force. With non-marring rubberized gripping pads, the gripping plates pivot to remain parallel, self-adjusting to the thickness of the material.

Say goodbye to back pain from lifting heavy building sheets and accidents from materials slipping out of your hands!

The Easy Carrier™ is a safe and easy way to grip, lift and carry all types of boards, sheet material and large bags.

Features & Benefits

  • The Easy Carrier™ can take a load of up to 45kg
  • Its dimensions are 18cm x 12cm
  • Made from high strength fibre reinforced nylon


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