WarmGlove™ Heated & Waterproof Gloves
WarmGlove™ Heated & Waterproof Gloves
WarmGlove™ Heated & Waterproof Gloves
WarmGlove™ Heated & Waterproof Gloves

WarmGlove™ Heated & Waterproof Gloves

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Is long distance driving a struggle as the temperatures dip? Feeling the chill on those winter walks? Motorbike rides getting tough as the winter weather sets in?


WarmGlove™ are this Winter's must have! These heated & waterproof gloves with patented technology are the solution for you and the answer to your problems this winter.

You won't need to dread snow shovelling this Winter!

With the cold spells that will soon be approaching these heated & waterproof gloves are also fleece-lined - enabling you to tackle any winter weather tasks & activities in comfort.

Poor circulation in your hands causing a hindrance? Keep your hands warm with WarmGlove™ if you have poor circulation, or aches & pains

These heated & waterproof gloves don’t only protect your hands from snow, ice and freezing temperatures but they actually heat them all the way to the tips of your fingers, for long-lasting warmth and comfort.


ONE SIZE FITS ALL! WarmGlove™ comes in one size, if you would like to check the exact measurements we have included this information above. 


  • Carbon fibre heating element ensures even distribution of heat across hand to tips of fingers – ideal for those with poor circulation or suffering from conditions such as arthritis

  • Breathable membrane – prevents hand sweating inside gloves, great for outdoor activities which require grip
  • Long lasting heat source – prolonged heat source, especially key for driving/cycling/hiking long distances or snow shovelling
  • Concealed battery pack - turn the power on & off as you please, and seal beneath the velcro flap, won't get damaged by water. Simply insert 3xAA batteries into each glove and prepare to be toasty all winter!


  • Poor circulatory conditions causing cold hands
  • Aches and pains of the hands whereby heat would be helpful e.g. arthritis
  • Motorcyclists or Cyclists
  • Long distance truck drivers or drivers in general
  • Outdoor activities such as; snow shovelling, winter walks, snowboarding, skiing & many many more!

 Please Note: package includes 1x pair of gloves, batteries not included


Update: We have been blowing up on social media, for this reason this product is only available for a limited time and supplies will run out very soon. Get yours before it is gone. 



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